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As an independent, nonprofit corporation, USRA is uniquely positioned to achieve objectives in science and engineering that may not fit neatly into an economic model. USRA offers a distinct advantage of assembling and leading multi-university teams that focus on the specific needs of customer organizations.


Human factors researchBy its name and charter, USRA is an organization focused on research - science and technology are at the very core of its activities. USRA scientists are known for cross-disciplinary technology development, scientific observations and analyses, and hands-on investigations that encompass broad areas of space science.


Stratospheric Observatory of Infrared AstronomyUSRA has the demonstrated ability to effectively foster advanced scientific activities; manage schedule and costs; and coordinate efforts of multiple entities including industry subcontractors, international organizations, and university partners in order to achieve customer goals.


By providing students with meaningful hands-on experience across the breadth of space-related science and technology, USRA workforce development programs ensure the sustainability of our customers' human talent requirements and by extension, bolster our nation's competitiveness.


Earth Scientists Traverse Antarctica to Correlate Radar Measurements with Snow and Ice Cores

Earth scientists traverse Antarctica to collect radar measurements from the snow core.