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As an independent, nonprofit corporation, USRA is uniquely positioned to achieve objectives in science and engineering that may not fit neatly into an economic model. USRA offers a distinct advantage of assembling and leading multi-university teams that focus on the specific needs of customer organizations.


Human factors researchBy its name and charter, USRA is an organization focused on research - science and technology are at the very core of its activities. USRA scientists are known for cross-disciplinary technology development, scientific observations and analyses, and hands-on investigations that encompass broad areas of space science.


Stratospheric Observatory of Infrared AstronomyUSRA has the demonstrated ability to effectively foster advanced scientific activities; manage schedule and costs; and coordinate efforts of multiple entities including industry subcontractors, international organizations, and university partners in order to achieve customer goals.


By providing students with meaningful hands-on experience across the breadth of space-related science and technology, USRA workforce development programs ensure the sustainability of our customers' human talent requirements and by extension, bolster our nation's competitiveness.


High-altitude Balloons for Atmospheric and Astrophysical Research

USRA scientists provide instrumentation expertise and provide analysis of balloon observations gathered from atmospheric and astrophysical sources.