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Integral to the success of any program is the ability to effectively foster and manage advanced scientific activities. USRA has the demonstrated ability to successfully bring the results of that science into real world operations.


USRA scientists, engineers, and managers lead and support science operations for laboratory, field, airborne, and spaceborne Earth and space science experiments. Our teams understand the value and unique nature of scientific data collection opportunities, and work to maximize science productivity with careful attention to the maintenance and operation of extremely complex and valuable instrumentation and facilities.


U.S. at nightUSRA manages or co-manages research and operations facilities across the country. Safety is a priority for all facilities managed by USRA, as well as attention to efficient and effective use of resources. USRA engineers and managers understand the missions being served by the facilities we manage, and work with the science community to provide safe and efficient services that meet the needs of our users and sponsors.


Scientist and technician aboard SOFIAUSRA offers experience and expertise in the challenging environment of managing ground, airborne, and spaceborne research projects and missions. USRA excels in planning and executing complex projects that require extensive stakeholder input, subcontractor supervision, and sponsor coordination. The dynamic operating environment of real time science mission operations poses special challenges which the USRA team meets with scientific and technical leadership and management expertise.


As the largest and most technically diverse university association serving the space research industry, USRA has unprecedented depth of reach into the R&D community. For over 40 years, USRA has provided end-to-end assessment expertise and has shaped long-range research objectives to ensure the highest quality, highest value science.


Lunar and Planetary Institute

For 40 years, under USRA's management, the Lunar and Planetary Institute has provided leadership in the scientific community for research in lunar, planetary, and solar system sciences, and linkage with related terrestrial programs.