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USRA has a proven track record for growing and sustaining a highly-educated workforce for the benefit of the academic community, government agencies, and research-related industries.

We believe the success of our workforce development programs reflect the passion USRA employees have for their work and the leadership responsibility they feel to inspire and prepare the next generations of scientists.


USRP Intern monitors resources in and around two National Parks in the Upper Delaware River BasinIn fiscal year 2015, over 1,500 STEM degree-seeking students in the Physical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, and Earth Sciences received paid internships through USRA managed programs. USRA interns hit the ground running. From day one, USRA cultivates these young minds by providing engaging, hands-on experience.


Through USRA visiting scientist appointments, post-graduate fellowships, and graduate assistantships, budding research professionals are able to expand beyond a traditional academic setting. Working alongside senior scientists, this next generation of scientific and technical talent bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to customer organizations, missions, and projects.


Recognizing that education and outreach opportunities exist not only in but beyond the classroom, USRA supports a broad range of activities targeted at a wide, diverse audience, both inside and outside of the STEM pool. USRA's efforts in this area support educators, serve the research communitiy, and engage students.