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USRA has a long and successful history of delivering tailored solutions to our customers. USRA's flexible organizational structure and efficient business processes optimize innovation and discovery.


USRA's disciplined approach to contract and project management enables us to offer high quality, reliable service and cost containment to our customers. Rigorous task planning, resource and risk management, and cohesive communication allow us to achieve efficient operations. Our program and business managers are skilled at effectively administering contracts of various sizes and natures, as well as managing such day-to-day functions as staffing, budgeting, accounting, and reporting.


Shaking handsUSRA does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solving complex problems. We seek out strategic, dynamic relationships with partner organizations, academia, and subject matter experts to bring value to our customers. Each year USRA engages hundreds of universities and industry partners to bring exceptional expertise to space and Earth science research, engineering, and advanced technology development. USRA offers customized solutions that vary in complexity and sophistication from memorandums of understanding, grants and subcontracts to faculty appointments, teaming agreements, and joint ventures.


OperationsIntegrity underlies all USRA relationships, including those with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. USRA is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct, compliance, and safety. Our procurement specialists, export control officers, and internal auditors adhere to DCAA, DCMA, GAAP, FASB, CAS, FAR, ITAR, and CPSR requirements and guidelines. Further, USRA's financial records are externally audited each year.


One-to-One Connections to University Science and Research Departments

One-to-one connections to university science and research departments.