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Students Explore the Effects of Microgravity

USRA's National Center for Space Exploration Research operates two student-based microgravity education programs for NASA's Glenn Research Center. For high school students, Dropping in a Microgravity Environment (DIME) provides an opportunity for the students to postulate a microgravity research problem and then propose an experiment to conduct the research. Selected teams devise an experiment to conduct the research with input from USRA and Glenn scientists; they then conduct the experiments at NASA's GRC using Glenn's 2.2 second drop tower. For middle school students, What If No Gravity (WING) is a similar program, except that the student teams send their experiments to Glenn; the resulting data, including video, of their experiment operations are then returned so the students can perform analyses. In 2011, four high school teams from four states were selected for DIME and 15 middle school teams from six states were selected for WING.