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Earth Science Marvels Accessible to all through Picture of the Day Archive

Since its launch in September 2000, the Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) website has provided a forum for professional photographers, educators, scientists, students and the general public to share images that highlight Earth Science processes and phenomena.

From Port Orford, Oregon to Athens, Greece, artists and scientists use tools that range from camera phones to satellites- capturing images that serve as an invaluable resource for scientists, educators, students, and the general public. The website enables the collection and archiving of a range of photos, imagery, graphics, and other artwork that illustrate features and physical processes within the Earth system. Posted photos and images are provided with brief explanatory captions and with links giving visitors access to further information. Major contributor behind the project since it's start, Dr. Jim Foster, Emeritus NASA Physical Scientist, explains the value of EPOD: "Viewers from around the world are sharing their photos, some impromptu, some planned, permitting us to observe the Earth from near and afar and to perhaps appreciate its complexities a bit more."

Each year EPOD receives more than twice as many submissions as can be published. Submissions are reviewed for scientific accuracy, topic relevance, and aesthetic appeal before publication. Further, EPOD receives more 2 million visits (worldwide) resulting in over 4 million page views each year. Web analytics also reveal that in addition to a loyal U.S. and Canadian audience, EPOD reaches viewers in 205 other countries and territories.