Board of Trustees

USRA Board of Trustees (2022-2023)

Board of Trustees, April 2022

Standing left to right: Dan E. Hastings, Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Kathleen C. Howell, Purdue University • Wayne A. Scales, Virginia Tech • Alfred Krabbe, University of Stuttgart • Robert P. McCoy, University of Alaska Fairbanks • Louis J. Lanzerotti, New Jersey Institute of Technology • Truell W. Hyde, Baylor University

Sitting left to right: Kim P. Williams (ret.), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory • Jeffrey A. Isaacson, USRA President and Chief Executive Officer • John A. Montgomery (ret.), Naval Research Laboratory • Berrien Moore, University of Oklahoma • Gen. Lester L. Lyles (ret.), USAF

Not pictured: Natalie W. Crawford, RAND Corporation • Brian E. Gilchrist, University of Michigan • Elizabeth A. Lada, University of Florida

Name Affiliation Role
Gen. Lester L. Lyles (ret.) USAF Chair
Berrien Moore, III University of Oklahoma Vice Chair, Region VIII
Richard Ambrosi University of Leicester Region V
Dan E. Hastings Massachusetts Institute of Technology Region I
Kathleen C. Howell Purdue University Region VI
Truell W. Hyde Baylor University Region VII
Jeffrey A. Isaacson USRA President and Chief Executive Officer, ex officio
Elizabeth A. Lada University of Florida Region IV
Maj Gen. Neil McCasland (ret.) USAF At-Large
Robert P. McCoy University of Alaska Fairbanks Region IX
Joan Ramage Macdonald Lehigh University Chair, Council of Institutions, Ex Officio
Lesa B. Roe Former Chancellor, University of North Texas System At-Large
Wayne A. Scales Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Region III
Sean Solomon Columbia University Region II
Kim P. Williams (ret.) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory At-large Financial Trustee