Board of Trustees

USRA Board of Trustees (2017-2018)

group photo - board of trustees

Standing left to right: Carolyn B. Morgan, Hampton University • Edward J. Weiler, University of Colorado-Boulder • John E. Carlstrom, The University of Chicago • B. Thomas Soifer, California Institute of Technology • Alfred Krabbe, University of Stuttgart • James P. Johnson, Los Alamos National Laboratory • Louis J. Lanzerotti, New Jersey Institute of Technology • John A. Montgomery (Ret.), National Research Laboratory • Patricia H. Doherty, Boston College

Sitting left to right: Elizabeth J. Protas, University of Texas Medical Branch • William F. Ballhaus (Ret.), The Aerospace Corporation • Jeffrey A. Isaacson, USRA President and Chief Executive Officer • Steve Ackerman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Not pictured:  Natalie Crawford, RAND Corporation • Pascale Ehrenfreund, The George Washington University  • Daniel N. Baker, University of Colorado-Boulder

Name Affiliation Role
William F. Ballhaus, Jr. The Aerospace Corporation (ret.) Chair, At-Large
Elizabeth J. Protas University of Texas Medical Branch Vice-Chair, VII
Daniel N. Baker University of Colorado Boulder Chair, Council of Institutions,Ex Officio
John E. Carlstrom University of Chicago Region VI
Natalie W. Crawford RAND Corporation At-Large
Patricia H. Doherty Boston College Region I
Pascale Ehrenfreund The George Washington University Region III
Jeffrey A. Isaacson USRA President and Chief Executive Officer, ex officio
James P. Johnson Los Alamos National Laboratory At-large, Financial
Alfred Krabbe University of Stuttgart Region V
Louis J. Lanzerotti New Jersey Institute of Technology Region II
John A. Montgomery Naval Research Laboratory (ret.) At-Large
Carolyn B. Morgan Hampton University Region IV
B. Thomas Soifer California Institute of Technology Region IX
Edward J. Weiler University of Colorado Boulder Region VIII