Education programs under USRA management continue to have a measurable impact on STEM workforce development. Many of our next generation student scientists have gone on to assume leadership roles in research and in customer organizations.


Image of Student in front of Plane

USRA firmly believes that by providing challenging immersion experiences, students will be encouraged to pursue STEM-related degrees and career paths. Closely aligned with customer research areas, USRA internship disciplines run the gamut from lunar and planetary science and high energy astrophysics, to nuclear engineering and software development. Hands-on intern activities include: experimental studies, theoretical modeling, and data analysis; Constellation data management systems and small satellite mission design; designing, building, and testing components for Robonaut; design of a Europa Hopper; design of a very low-mass, high-power nuclear reactor for electric propulsion; and flight time aboard NASA's Guppy and Zero-G Aircraft.


USRA reaches across diverse cultural and geographical groups to provide active support for the recruitment of students into STEM programs. Additionally, USRA managed internships provide tailored learning opportunities to students ranging from high school, undergraduate, graduate, to postgraduate education levels.


USRA internships afford the incredible opportunity to provide job and education opportunities to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to undertake STEM and business careers. USRA takes full advantage of its strategic resources, partners, and networks to maximize reach, broaden participation, and increase diversity in STEM careers. USRA's innovative recruitment methods including: blogs, social media accounts, email campaigns, and webcasts, ensure a diverse local and national student applicant pool.