Dr. Zach Tuchfeld

image of Dr. Zach Tuchfeld

Dr. Zachary Tuchfeld received his Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from The Ohio State University where he gained experience in material science, microfabrication, and integrated circuitry. The focus of his Ph.D. was “magic angle” Twisted Bilayer graphene, a heterostructure consisting of two overlapping graphene layers which exhibits superconductivity as well as many other correlated phases. Beforehand, Zachary received bachelor’s degrees in both physics and mathematics from Binghamton University. In August 2022, Zachary became a postdoctoral research associate for USRA and where he began working with LMC in the additive manufacturing group. Currently, Zachary is working to apply additive manufacturing to a variety of fields, from batteries to stator windings and insulation.