Ludovic Brucker

Dr. Ludovic Brucker

Dr. Ludovic Brucker, a Senior Scientist and Manager for the USRA GESTAR Program, works on microwave remote sensing of the cryosphere. He uses observations from satellites, aircrafts, and ground-based campaigns to develop algorithms and data products for characterizing and understanding the evolution of snow, ice sheets, and sea ice. His research aims to provide climate-related variables to the cryospheric community for the satellite era. He has published about 50 papers on these topics, participated in a dozen field campaigns, including polar deployments in both hemispheres. He has been recognized with the 2019 USRA Management Award, the 2018 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Cryosphere Early Career Award, and with several NASA GSFC awards including “for exceptional public outreach and mentoring of students in the field of remote sensing of the cryosphere”, and “for excellent and innovative work advancing microwave research over the cryosphere from multiple sensors and through field work”.