Mr. Jay Owens

photo of Mr. Jay Owens

Mr. Jay Owens' expertise is in design, development, and integration of vision data acquisition systems with an emphasis on applied photonics for NASA microgravity research programs.  Jay has over 35 years of experience implementing vision-based diagnostic systems for NASA ground-based test facilities, microgravity aircraft, numerous Space Shuttle payloads and research programs on the International Space Station (ISS).   Currently Jay is supporting the Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) and High Pressure Transcritical (HPTC) projects, as well as the multi-mission Spacecraft Fire Safety (SAFFIRE) program which has flown five low earth orbit missions to date and includes the follow-on Flammability of Materials on the Moon (FMM) payload scheduled for a moon landing in 2026, and the Lunar-g Combustion Investigation (LUCI), a sub-orbital fire safety payload.