Scholarship Award Alumni - Emily Jewell


Emily Jewell

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Engineering Mechanics and Mathematics
Bachelor of Science - 2018
2017 USRA Scholarship Winner

Emily's passion for space started early and was nourished by extracurricular activities and family trips to observatories and Cape Kennedy. Emily decided to combine all three of her curiosities in space, math, and science into her engineering major. She's excited that her work will one day yield novel spacecrafts to aid in understanding the complexity of the universe and help humans explore further into space.

During the course of her undergraduate career, she has studied fluid-structure interactions, finite element methods, and computational fluid dynamics. She has worked with the Structural Dynamics Research Group at UW, studying nonlinearities of bolted joints, an understanding of which is important in spacecraft design and fabrication. She had the opportunity to present her work at the 2017 ASME International Design Conference, and to apply her know-how in modeling methods on parts and assemblies for spacecraft while interning at ATA Engineering.

Emily is also conversationally fluent in Japanese, and participated in a travel and cultural exchange program to Japan, where she used her language skills in professional and social settings.

Emily is "constantly seeking challenges" and is "not afraid of making a 'wrong' choice." She encourages students to "use [a] scholarship application to reflect on who you are and what you want. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years and how will you make that happen?"

Emily is avid about ultimate Frisbee (playing nationally with the UW Women's Club), and has only six more states to go to visit all fifty.